• WetTouch

    Advanced wet touch technology.

    • Easy to handle - even with wet fingers
    • No need to double bag
    • Survives longer casts
    • Much less wastage
    • Made in the UK
  • Solu-Ties

    Unique Solu-Ties™ PVA cable ties.

    Releases within seconds - dissolves within minutes. 

    Perfect for

    • securing PVA bait bags
    • PVA mesh
    • securing dead baits during the cast

    Literally hundreds of uses

    Manufactured by Solupak in the UK. Patented.

  • Versacast

    The new PVA fishing phenomenon

    Versacast is an environmentally friendly PVA product that completely dissolves in water. The ideal fishing extra!

    Use it for protecting your hair rig, filling it up with essence, linking together for multiple baits.