Godman Angling augments reality

Godman Angling will be using cutting edge tech from Base Aura to deliver exclusive content to their customers. Use the BaseA app to scan the logo on Godman Angling packaging and you will be able to view the latest video tips and guides from Darren Godman and Jim Shelley.

Base Aura means you don't need to struggle with QR codes to view a web page. Just point your smartphone or tablet at the Godman Angling logo and go.

Darren Godman said, "Godman Angling make products for anglers that help to take the guesswork out and let you focus on what's important. Base Aura is doing the same thing for augmented reality. I can't wait to see how we can develop this to give extra value to our customers".

For more information on Base Aura and to download the BaseA app for iOS or Android devices, go to baseaura.co.uk.