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  • Prolific angler Lee Dowding

    Godman is excited to have Godman team member and prolific angler Lee Dowding! He continues to have an incredible catch rate using Godman PVA products, and is on the bank all year round.

  • Godman welcomes Richard Handel

    We would like to welcome Richard Handel to the Godman team! With a personal best of a 39.08 lb mirror, Richard continues to increase his catch rate of some stunning carp using Godman's unique PVA in his own unique way - which will always give him that extra edge. Richard has been a keen angler for many years, and often documents his experiences on his website ( Welcome to Godman, Richard!

  • James Hibbard catches his second target fish on new syndicate

    Godman tester James Hibbard tops off a 6 fish haul with his second target fish the Original Common using a Godman Versacast tube.

    For more pics follow us at FB

  • Dan Taylor joins the Godman pva consultant team

    Dan Taylor from Tails up bait and G-force tackle joins a ever growing consultant team for 2014, Dan has already this year banked Heart Tail a 39lb Mirror and a target fish of his on his first outing using a versacast tube, Dan also recently had great joy over at Abbeylakes france banking fish topped of by what he described in his own words to be the best looking mirror he has ever seen at 46lb. For more pictures of his fish and to follow our consultants and testers visit us at

  • Thomas Duncan Dunlop Joins Godman Pva Team

    Thomas Dunlop joins forces with Godman pva, Thomas is none for his gigantic foreign captures and along with Tim paisley and Steve briggs they wrote one of the best selling carp books Monster carp,Thomas also works alongside solar. This year Godman pva look forward to working with one of the foreign carp scenes top anglers along with being a regular in the bcac's and erics carp cup.

    For more pictures of Thomas captures along with the rest of the teams pictures follow us at

  • Godman pva building a strong team for 2014

    Godman team going from strength to strength with it latest addition

    Mike Jones from Nash Tackle and First4Fishing. 

    Today we are pleased to announce to you all that Nash consultant and Manager of first4fishing, Mike Jones has decided to join us here at Godman pva products. Mike is renowned for his outstanding capture record and his dedication to the fishing industry and Nash Tackle, along with the love of his luck baseball cap, lets hope that 2014 brings you a very eventful year on our products.
    Tight lines from all the Godman pva team.

  • Godman in Germany

    Godman Angling are proud to have representing them in Germany, Nevissport!

    Welcome to the team Nevissport. 

    Please find there details in the Stockist Page.

  • New to the Godman Angling Team for 2014

    Godman Angling would like to welcome Ian Smith from Nash Tackle.

    Ian will be the second consultant to represent Godman Angling this year. Ian is none for his dedication and constant capture record in the angling scene, he can often be found in magazines such as carp talk, Ian is always on hand and ever ready to help out and answer questions when possible.

    Top anglers using top products!

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  • New WetTouch Bait Bags

    New to the Godman Product Range is the WetTouch Bait Bag.

    The PVA bags currently come in medium and small and can be used with damp hands in damp conditions without losing the bags’ integrity!

    This means less waste, less frustration and more usable bags which can be cast over longer distances.

    When the bag hits the water it rapidly dissolves - releasing your bait the way you want it to.

    Why not use in conjunction with our Solu-ties to provide a safe, secure rig!

  • Godman Angling augments reality

    Godman Angling will be using cutting edge tech from Base Aura to deliver exclusive content to their customers. Use the BaseA app to scan the logo on Godman Angling packaging and you will be able to view the latest video tips and guides from Darren Godman and Jim Shelley.

    Base Aura means you don't need to struggle with QR codes to view a web page. Just point your smartphone or tablet at the Godman Angling logo and go.

    Darren Godman said, "Godman Angling make products for anglers that help to take the guesswork out and let you focus on what's important. Base Aura is doing the same thing for augmented reality. I can't wait to see how we can develop this to give extra value to our customers".

    For more information on Base Aura and to download the BaseA app for iOS or Android devices, go to

  • Solu-Ties in store now

    single tie

    Releases in seconds - dissolves in minutes.

    Solu-Ties are the latest addition to our growing soluble range of products.

    Perfect for securing PVA bait bags, PVA mesh; secure dead baits during the cast ...and many more.

    Solu-Ties completely dissolve in water. The ideal fishing extra.

    We can't stop thinking of uses for ties which bind until immersed in water!

  • Versacast - 15 in a pack!

    With Versacast leaping off the shelves, economies of scale mean we've been able to increase the number in a bubble pack from 10 to 15. That's an increase of 50%!

    And that's 50% more chance to land the catch of the day!

  • Versacast - the new PVA fishing phenomenon

    Illustration of Versacast  being used

    Versacast, made by Godman Angling Ltd, is a new product which prevents the bait and boilie from getting tangled when casting.

    It employs specially formulated polymers which are designed to dissolve harmlessly once the bait and hook sink beneath the surface of the water.

    Initial tests have been extremely positive, with anglers reporting significant advantages when fishing for carp and catfish.